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Biden says Roe v. Wade agrees with “mainstream religions”

President Joe Biden has weighed in on the abortion debate by saying mainstream religions agree with Roe v. Wade and support taking the life of a pre-born child.

Roe says what all basic mainstream religions have historically concluded, that the existence of a human life and being is a question,” Biden responded to a reporter when asked about abortion.

The controversial, and roundly criticized comments, came as he responded to Supreme Court draft opinion that was leaked to a political website.

While media outlets point to polls that say abortion should remain legal, when you dive deep into the polls, a majority of Americans believe abortion should be illegal after 15 weeks.

Biden, a self-described Catholic, has been denied communion based on his views of taking unborn life – something that is forbidden in Catholic teachings. Biden also has a complicated history with the topic having opposed abortion in the past. His views changed as the Democrat Party moved ever leftward and he sought the presidency nearly three decades ago. Even as late as Monday, asked about abortion by a reporter, Biden did the unthinkable in the eyes of pro-abortion activists: he used the term “child” instead of “fetus” (Latin for baby). That was a small victory for the pro-life cause which has fought to give dignity to unborn children as pro-abortion organizations and media outlets refuse to acknowledge it is an unborn human being.

Politico obtained a ruling after an individual in the Supreme Court leaked the draft of a pending Supreme Court case that appears to show the high court will overturn the landmark ruling in Roe v. Wade. The ruling would not outlaw abortion but rather return it to state legislators where, like other similar issues, the Constitution said it belonged. That was until the Supreme Court’s 1973 ruling that found a “right to privacy” in the Constitution regarding a woman and her unborn child.

While Biden referred to a “child” in the abortion procedure, he went on to call the potential decision a radical position and reaffirmed his support of a woman’s right to kill an unborn child.

“It concerns me a great deal that we’re going to, after 50 years, decide a woman does not have a right to choose within the limits of the Supreme Court decision in Casey,” Biden said.

That conflicts with his initial stance when Roe v. Wade was first decided in 1973 was the court went too far in instituting a constitutional right to abortion.

“I don’t like the Supreme Court decision on abortion. I think it went too far,” Biden told the Washingtonian in 1974.

He was also one of several Democrats to vote for a 1983 amendment that would have allowed states to restrict access to abortion. In the years following, Biden moved further toward what many considered a radical pro-abortion stance of party leaders and the organizations that funnel hundreds of millions to pro-abortion candidates.

The party’s stance on abortion has meant that many pro-life Democrats have been denied active participation in state party operations across the country. It also culminated with many Democrat leaders recently supporting infanticide, as when a baby survives abortion but is left to die unattended in a clinic.

The president has repeatedly described himself as a “devout Catholic” but many have long questioned the depth of his faith as he seems unaware of many Catholic teachings regarding life.

“This man needs to be excommunicated from the Catholic Church,” Nevada Republican congressional candidate Carolina Serrano tweeted.

Pro-life activists also said the president is wrong on his religious argument.

“The president would do well to check the beliefs of his own religion,” said Kimberlyn Schwartz, director of media and communication for Texas Right to Life. “Major religions across the globe, along with everyday Americans, believe that preborn children deserve protection and should not be subjected to cruel deaths through abortion. Codification of Roe involves the complete and total enshrinement of abortion with no restrictions until the moment of birth. This idea is fundamentally immoral and widely unpopular with the American people.”

Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, noted that the official doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church says that “life does begin at conception” and that “abortion is the termination of unborn human life and that it is a heinous sin.”

In saying women should be able to “abort a child,” Biden “accidentally spoke the truth,” Mohler said.

“What we see here is the case of a major American politician accidentally speaking the truth. That is exactly what abortion is. It is the abortion of a child,” Mohler said on his podcast, The Briefing. “… That is exactly what the Democratic Party and the pro-choice, pro-abortion movement tries to say the issue of abortion is not.”

American Majority CEO Ned Ryun blasted Biden, tweeting, “Pretty sure God doesn’t want His children murdering viable unborn human beings a[d] nauseam. I know, crazy thought and outside the box thinking on my part but maybe just think about it. . .”

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