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Posters of the 240 Israeli victims being held hostage in Gaza. Photo: video.

Christian leader calls on pastors to provide biblical context for Mideast conflict

The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas must be understood in light of the Bible, Christian filmmaker and author Phil Cooke says.

“The more I see demonstrations in the streets supporting Hamas, with some of those demonstrators being Christians, the more I realize just how ignorant many American Christians are these days,” he said. “And even with believers earnestly seeking a biblical perspective, it’s challenging to know what exactly is happening in Israel right now and what historically has led up to this moment.”

He recommends that pastors cover these topics in their sermons:

  • “Teach what the Bible says about the nation of Israel — its history, interaction with neighboring countries through the centuries and God’s unfolding plan. Who exactly is Hamas, and why do they despise the Jewish people? What is Palestine, and how was the modern-day nation of Israel formed? A significant number of Christians don’t have an accurate context of Israel’s history and, as a result, don’t have a bigger picture of what’s happening.”
  • “Give them the knowledge they need to discuss these issues with friends, neighbors and coworkers. The mainstream media and many politicians have been typically unsupportive of Israel, so the information their friends and family are getting is too often highly inaccurate and biased. Most of the pro-Hamas defenders are simply repeating old slogans that often make no rational sense at all. So, give your congregation the facts to help them dispel the myths.”
  • “Consider inviting a rabbi from a local synagogue or a biblical scholar from a Christian university to visit your church to discuss what this means to the Jews — and the world. It could be a powerfully effective show of unity to reach out and invite a Jewish rabbi or leader to engage you in conversation in front of your congregation. An experienced authority can also bring insightful background to the table that helps give your congregation more perspective. Consider making this a special evening event so your church members could invite their friends. It could make an incredible impact and witness to your entire community.”

“Don’t pass up an opportunity like this,” Cooke said. “The stakes are high, and this is a critical global moment.”

The Oct. 7 invasion of Israel by Hamas and Gazan citizens resulted in the largest life of Jewish life since the Holocaust. Israel is currently battling Hamas inside Gaza with the aim of removing it from power.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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