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MOROCCO QUAKE: SURVIVORS ASK 'WHY, GOD?:' Many earthquake survivors in Morocco are turning to social media and satellite television for spiritual support in the aftermath of the disaster, as they ask 'Why, God?' says faith-based broadcaster SAT-7 (www.sat7usa.org).

Christian Satellite, social media bring hope to Morocco after earthquake

Humanitarian organizations from around the world are sending support to Morocco in the aftermath of the earthquake that killed more than 2,900 people. Survivors also are turning to social media and satellite television for needed spiritual support.

Many people living in Morocco, a highly religious nation where Christians often are isolated and cannot meet openly in public, are “struggling to understand why God allows such disasters to take place,” said Rex Rogers, president of Christian broadcaster SAT-7 USA. “Right now, they’re desperate to find peace and answers amid the chaos and devastation.”

Middle East-based SAT-7 is broadcasting Arabic-language Christian programs into Morocco via satellite and social media channels, offering real-time prayer and emotional support. Moroccans are not permitted to go to church, so local Christians practice their faith alone or in small groups that meet in homes. For these isolated believers, broadcasts featuring Christian hope and encouragement in their local Arabic language and the opportunity to chat with other believers on social media are a spiritual lifeline.

“We will be highlighting the needs of people who’ve lost everything and have nowhere to stay, and our viewers will continue to pray for the Moroccan people in the days and weeks ahead,” Rogers said.

Its round-the-clock Arabic channel is broadcasting live programs, including one called “You Are Not Alone,” featuring interviews with quake survivors. A special program will feature the stories of Moroccan women. Christians in neighboring Algeria as well as Türkiye (formerly Turkey), where a massive earthquake earlier this year killed nearly 60,000 people, are sharing messages and prayers for Morocco on the ministry’s social media channels.

UK-based SAT-7 worker Chris Beddoes was in Marrakech, 44 miles from the epicenter, when the quake hit. “We felt a huge rumble and the hotel started shaking violently from side to side,” he said. “We managed to get to a stairwell, avoiding the debris. It’s terrible to see the death toll rising. We’re praying for all viewers to know the comfort of Jesus at this time.”

Readers are encouraged to visit their prayer page.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice

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