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Even in pandemic, Child Evangelism Fellowship reaches kids

The spiritual needs of children didn’t end when the coronavirus outbreak began. Child Evangelism Fellowship is continuing to help area kids experience the love of God.

“This summer, we are ministering to children across our greater Kansas City area in person,” local director Christy Heath said. “Throughout much prayerful planning and preparation, God has graciously given us wisdom and direction to creatively adapt our 5-Day Club ministry to follow safe-distancing guidelines. Praise the Lord for this victory, and we are excited for all that he has already done and will continue to do.”

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Christian Youth in Action for ages 12 and 13 was held by Zoom in May, followed for the first time by training for ages 14 through 19 in June.

“Each day, the teens diligently studied their teaching parts of club for the day, practiced through a full club time with their team and completed their practicum evaluations,” Heath said. ”What a great joy and blessing to see our Jr. CYIA and CYIA 2020 classes equipped to be God’s ambassadors to the boys and girls this summer.”

5-Day Clubs started in late June and will continue through July Thirty-six clubs are scheduled to be held at apartment complexes, churches, daycares, homes and a homeless family shelter.

“Our ministry team of 19 teen summer missionaries and 12 adult driver-supervisors are precious to us, and they inspire many by their courage, dedication and faithful example to go out and share Christ in several communities throughout our area,” Heath said. “I look forward to serving with them by attending each club and assisting through canvassing to invite children, giving feedback to the teams, restocking equipment and supplies, and providing ongoing encouragement and direction.”

Heath shared these prayer requests for the next month:

  • For many children to attend 5-Day Clubs, be saved and grow in Christ.
  • For the Lord’s protection and provision for all involved.
  • For all teaching to be clear, thorough and Spirit-filled.
  • Above all, for the Lord to be glorified through this special outreach.

More information on Child Evangelism Fellowship is available at www.cef-gkca.org.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice