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Production crews unload equipment in preparation to film. Photo: Under the Surface Facebook page.

Faith-based film about sex trafficking being filmed in Missouri

Sound of Freedom,” a movie exposing the dark secrets of sex trafficking, was one of the most successful box office releases of the summer. Now, filmmakers in Southeast Missouri are tackling the same topic in “Under the Surface.”

The faith-based film brings a true story to light in an effort to raise awareness surrounding sex trafficking and the love of Christ, executive producer Brent McMinn told KFVS-TV in Cape Girardeau, Mo. According to the film’s Facebook page, the plot centers on a 15-year-old girl abducted and trafficked by her captors. Years later, the girl returns home to her family after receiving help from a stranger. The story highlights her journey in overcoming her trauma and how she finds peace and healing through professional health and the Christian faith.

“We believe this story is going to change lives,” director Richie Johns said. “We want to bring awareness on the subject. It’s a story that needs to be told.”

He said the story of the two women is inspirational and far-reaching. “It’s already impacting the lives of our cast and our crew and the community here that’s been partnering with us as well,” Richie said.

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McMinn agreed, “It’s actually really tough watching it, even though I’ve been involved for nine months now and read the script numerous times,” he said. “Even though when there are some abduction scenes that actually happened and when I’m watching those, I mean it brought me to tears just watching the rehearsals.”

McMinn hopes every father and mother who see the film will have the same reaction and come away from the film saying, “This could be my daughter.” He also wants the audience to feel inspired.

“We also want to show in this movie that no matter how you’ve been hurt in life, whether it’s from you were traumatized as a child, abused as a child or come out of a bad relationship, that there is hope and there is life after trauma and that you can thrive through proper community, faith,” he said. For us, we believe the experience with God is a way you can thrive.”

Filming in the Cape Girardeau area is expected to wrap up in September.

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