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Former basketball star Lamar Odom shares ‘miraculous recovery’ from troubled past

Lamar Odom rose to fame as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, and later, for marrying one of the Kardashian sisters. Although he appeared to have it all, his personal life in recent years was on a downward spiral.

A drug overdose in October 2015 left the athlete lying on a hospital bed in a deep coma and on life support, according to a story in Faithwire. A debilitating cocaine addiction ravaged his body, and he suffered 12 strokes and six heart attacks while in the coma. That all changed recently when Odom walked into an Atlanta church a healthy man and gave his life to Christ.

“Nowadays I’m doing the best I can in walking with the Lord. Thanks to Pastor Vernon @drravernon, I got saved at @thewordchurch this weekend. I had to show Jesus my appreciation for keeping me alive!” Odom wrote on Instagram last week.

Sabrina Parr, his girlfriend, commented under his post, “Nothing better than a man of God! Keeping pushing through life baby! God willing I’ll be right here by your side!”

Odom appears to have made huge strides in his life since recovering from his overdose, including kicking an addiction to pornography.

“I’m trying to be better,” Lamar told a TMZ cameraman in August. Parr, who was accompanying him, said he had a sex addiction. “You can’t watch porn if you’re a sex addict, or have a healthy life, or be with me,” she said.

Odom said earlier this year that his recovery has been miraculous.

“My doctors say I’m a walking miracle; they’re amazed that I’m here,” he said. I always knew I had a strong will. I think my will is even stronger than I believed it was. It’s a testament that God is good. When I woke up and I couldn’t talk or walk I never thought I would be here.”