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Formerly gay men and women share testimonies during Freedom March in Washington            

Although gay pride events dominate the news and corporate sponsorships, formerly LGBT-identified young men and women gathered in Washington, D.C., for the Freedom March.

The ecumenical Christian event featured worship music, prayer and testimonies from those who once lived and identified as LGBT.  During the event, which was streamed live on Facebook and other platforms, some described traumatic experiences from childhood and wounds from relationships that contributed to confusion about their bodies and sexuality. One man who shared from the podium described how he was sexually abused as a young child and was even trafficked. Through Christ, he was able to transform his life and now is married to a woman.

The group upset LGBT organizations after it took back the biblical rainbow symbol and adopted it as a symbol for a “Rainbow Revival.” It adorns t-shirts, flags and their logo.

Jeffrey McCall, who founded the Freedom March, said he’s amazed by how the Lord is stirring among younger people. Since 2018, when the first march took place, their growing group of formerly LGBT-identified people has become especially close.

“We call each other, do Bible studies together, encourage each other,” he said. “It has built a family, and it’s a young family.”

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Jeffrey McCall

McCall, who once lived as a trans-identified person named Scarlet and led a promiscuous homosexual lifestyle before encountering the Holy Spirit, said after he found Christ, he threw all of his women’s clothing and makeup into a dumpster. In the past five years, he’s observed how transgenderism and gender identity have consumed nearly everything, even among the LGBT groups. But he believes God is moving supernaturally and changing the minds of people. “We were warned thousands of years ago that the world is going to get darker, and so we have to be that light,” he said.

Kim Zember, a board member of Freedom March, senses that the Holy Spirit has been drawing more people to hear about how Christ has transformed them and said churches are starting to do a better job of reaching people who identify as LGBT. “As confusion is spreading throughout the nation and the world, not just within the LGBT community, but really just as a whole, people are seeking,” she said

Asked to describe what she sees God doing among the LGBT community and the Freedom March tribe, she replied: “To love His children back to his heart.”

Watch the rally here:

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice