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‘Gosnell’ is a movie you must not miss

Anita and I went with friends to see the new movie “Gosnell” last night. It was sold out at the AMC in Leawood so we googled another showtime and drove to south Overland Park.

Three words: SEE THIS MOVIE.

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By Dwight Widaman, Editor

And see it this weekend. Depending on how well it does in its first weekend will determine if it is picked up by more theaters across the nation. It was only playing in 4 theaters last night in Kansas City.
This is not your typical pro-life themed movie. Missing is the cliche storyline of the happy adoption at the end. Absent is the preachiness and Bible verses that movies like this typically bang over your head to get the point across. This is a well-made film based on the events surrounding abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell. The story line and dialog are taken almost entirely from witness testimony from the actual trial. What happens when a pro-choice city prosecutor teams up with two cops to bring an evil man to justice? How did Gosnell practice for 30 years? Why did the governor of Pennsylvania, city health officials, police and other doctors actually help him?
A well-rounded cast adds authenticity to the effort by actually acting. There are no special effects here. The doctor’s offices–a seedy 3-story building in a bad part of Philadelphia–have been meticulously recreated. People cuss, yell and express revulsion over their own actions and those of others. It’s not a feel-good movie. I wanted to clap at the end of the movie yet the audience (almost a full house) left in silence.
There’s no gore or violence in the movie yet the horror of abortion and what it does to its victims are evident. The movie is appropriate for anyone over 11 or 12. They will hear profanity but the message this movie portrays has the ability to change the thinking of an entire generation.
If you want to do something for the pro-life cause this weekend that does not require standing on a street corner holding a sign, see this movie. It may be the most important thing you do during your week.