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C.J. Stroud. Photo: WikiCommons. 4.0

Green Bay Packers player shares  faith, shows support for C.J. Stroud

Christian players in the NFL are expressing support for Houston quarterback C.J. Stroud after his comments about Jesus in a postgame interview were deleted.

“I’m not saying I’m on the same level as C.J.; however, if a youngster flips on the TV and watches me and decides that maybe someday they want to be just like me, I hope that their dream also brings them closer to our lord and savior,” Green Bay tight end Tucker Kraft wrote on Twitter. “We have imperfections, but we must keep the faith.”

Former NFL head coach and current analyst Tony Dungy shared Kraft’s post and thanked both the Packers and Texans stars, along with San Francisco quarterback Brock Purdy, for being open about how important their faith is to them.

“Thank you Tucker Kraft for speaking up and using your platform to let people know how important Christ is in your life,” Dungy wrote on X. “I’m thankful for all the guys like you, C.J., Brock and so many other players who are letting their voice be heard,. And not just after big wins but all the time.”

Stroud recently spoke to members of the media following the team’s playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens and said he has “had a lot of great people who have reached out, and even guys after games, who just talk about how I mention God and Christ.” Stroud said he gives “all glory and praise to my Lord, Jesus Christ,” following the Texans’ Wild Card Playoff win the week before against the Cleveland Browns.

“I always tell people that it’s not me, it’s him,” Stroud said. “There’s nothing I can do to ever repay what the Lord has done in my life, and I don’t want to. I just want to act in what he’s calling me to do.

“I’m not perfect, I make mistakes every day, but at the same time I know the God I serve is a forgiving God. There’s a lot of us out here too that love the Lord, and there is nothing wrong with that. I appreciate everybody who reaches out

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