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Join a 40 day journey with martyrs of the faith

Are you ready to experience radical transformation in your walk with Christ? Do you want to inject hope into the dark corners of your life with spiritual truth?

A  40-day devotional has been developed to accompany the new book, The Last Words of the Martyrs Both are produced by International Christian Concern (ICC) which works on behalf of persecuted Christians around the world.


Jeff King

The effort  was recently endorsed by former president of The JESUS Film and Campus Crusade for Christ., Erick Schenkel.  “As we read his stories we are reminded that spiritual battle is real and that only eternity will wipe away all tears,” states Schenkel,  “This book is a wake up call.”

“Let these martyrs lead you on a journey of spiritual growth through this free 40-day challenge,” stated Jeff King, ICC president and author of the book.

“In this series, you will find exclusive insight into the day-to-day lives and spiritual journeys of the men and women in The Last Words of the Martyrs, who navigated persecution with an enduring faithfulness.

martyrs“By opting in to the 40-Day challenge, you will learn how to make God your treasure despite the material world we live in.”

During this challenge, King said you will receive a short, inspirational email once a day, for 40 days.

“This series provides a closer look at the faithful believers we discussed in The Last Words of the Martyrs, focusing on their commitment to following Christ against all odds.”

The series has also caught the eye of those serving in Congress.

Congressman Dennis Ross, (R) of Florida says stated, “This book will challenge you and it will cause you to grow. It will take you on a journey with the Lord to a new depth of knowing what it means to follow Him and walk with Him.”

If you have not had the chance to read the book yet, no worries! The ministry says you should feel free to start with the 40-day series, and then read the book if you are interested in the complete stories of the martyrs.

“I hope that the 40-Day challenge not only encourages and challenges you in the next few weeks,” says King,  “but transforms your walk with Christ and leaves a lasting impact in the years to come.”

–Michael Ireland

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