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Kansas Election Round-up

If ever there were a year for Christians to vote for a straight ticket, this would be it. I understand that our faith transcends politics or the agenda of any specific political party, but I look in vain for any reason why a Bible-believing Christian would check the box for any Democrat in Kansas this year.

First, there is the agenda that every Democrat, regardless of office has embraced. Starting as their highest priority is the unrestricted ability to get an abortion (only God can grant a right and God does not sanction the slaughter of innocent babies). Since the defeat of Value Them Both, Democrats are denouncing any candidate who supported it and even any candidate who receives a Kansans For Life endorsement.

Medical Marijuana

Next on the list is the legalization of “medical” marijuana. Sadly, many Republicans have also gotten on board with this issue perhaps in part because of the financial largesse made available to those who support it. That’s a joke because everyone knows that this is just the first step to full legalization as it has been in Missouri where “recreational” marijuana is on the ballot and will likely win.

Governor’s race

Third is allowing men pretending to be women to participate in women’s sports. Governor Laura Kelly vetoed legislation that would have banned the practice in Kansas. Derek Schmidt supports the ban.

It is also significant that one of Kelly’s first act as governor was to try and find a way around legislation that protects Christian adoption agencies from critics that believe that they will not allow homosexual couples to adopt children owing to their Biblical beliefs.

That’s their slate, those issues, regardless of the candidate. Occasionally a Kelly ad will tout her alleged support of eliminating the tax on groceries. I use the word alleged because she previously vetoed such legislation when Republicans tried to pass it. So that’s it, that’s their program in the face of failed economic policies, rampant inflation, poorly performing schools and skyrocketing crime rates. That is the Democrat agenda for every one of their candidates running for the legislature or statewide office.

Granted, aside from the abortion issue, which they now believe is their ticket to success, you may not hear much about the rest of the agenda unless you spend a lot of time on Twitter watching them trying to rally the troops. Instead, what we see are endless attacks on Sam Brownback who, thanks to the Kansas media, can be denounced without any rational foundation to back it up. Brownback raised funding for education every year he was governor, but you would never know that given the ads trying to tie every available Republican running for office to him.

Who are the real extremists?

If you would believe Democrat ads, both Amanda Adkins, running for the 3rd District Congressional seat against Sharice Davids, and Derek Schmidt, running for governor against Laura Kelly, continually consult Brownback on every decision they make (when, of course, they’re not forcing rape and incest victims to have unwanted babies).

The irony here is that the Democrats are accusing Republicans of being extremists. If you want to save babies lives, you’re an extremist. Want a voice in your child’s education? Not only are you an extremist, but the Department of Justice under Merrick Garland may even consider you a domestic terrorist. Indeed, so rampant is their claim of extremism that a church that scheduled a town hall of state and local Republican candidates was intimidated into canceling it after real extremists, Democrat State Senator Cindy Holscher and local Johnson County candidate Janee Hanzlick alerted their local goon squads to the event. (More on this in a forthcoming article).

I could go up and down the ballot for you and describe every race out there, but whether it’s Republican Steve Johnson (the guy in the House that put financial packages together) running for treasurer or Scott Schwab who has done a yeoman’s job as Secretary of State running on substantial records of achievement, they are running against a political party that wants unlimited abortion, expanded legalization of drugs and the advancement of the transgender and homosexual agenda. If you don’t believe that, get on Twitter and create a column for the hashtag #ksleg. Watch the Democrat ads. Look for anything remotely positive about their own accomplishments and look at what they denounce.

–John Altevogt | Metro Voice


  1. I left a comment but it was removed shortly after. Metrovoice doesn’t allow other voices?

  2. I agree with you with the exception of cannabis legalization. Most importantly, it’s prohibition is unconstitutional. “We the people,” have been manipulated by our government way too long. It’s time we restrict them to their enumerated powers. And PLEASE allow us to vote in a new Governor.

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