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Kanye West loses Adidas over his antisemitic remarks

Adidas has ended its relationship with Kanye West over his recent offensive and antisemitic remarks. The German sportwear company said that, while the move would hit its bottom line, it was the right thing to do

“Adidas does not tolerate antisemitism and any other sort of hate speech,” the company said in a statement Tuesday. “Ye’s recent comments and actions have been unacceptable, hateful and dangerous, and they violate the company’s values of diversity and inclusion, mutual respect and fairness.”

The company faced pressure to cut ties with West, who now goes by Ye. It said at the beginning of the month that it was placing its lucrative sneaker deal with the rapper under review.

Ye joins a long list of celebrities who have made antisemitic remarks but the list isn’t only limited to Hollywood. Sitting Democratic members of Congress, including every member “The Squad,” have made dozens of comments and even called for violence against Jews.

Ye has become the ire of what he calls the left, for his opposition to abortion, comments criticizing BLM, the Democrat Party and more since he said he had found Jesus. As for his faith, supporters have said the transformation into a Christian life takes time, and there is much baggage, like antisemitism, to lose on the journey.

But without media cover, Ye’s punishment came swift.

Adidas said Tuesday that it conducted a “thorough review” and would immediately stop production of its line of Yeezy products and stop payments to Ye and his companies. The sportswear company said it was expected to take a hit of up to 250 million euros ($246 million) to its net income this year from the move.

The move by Adidas, whose CEO Kasper Rorsted is stepping down next year, comes after Ye was suspended from Twitter and Instagram this month over antisemitic posts that the social networks said violated their policies. Though both platforms continue to allow members of the squad to keep their accounts.

In response to criticism of his escalating outbursts, Ye said on Twitter and Instagram he wanted to “go death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE,” using old tropes that allege  the Jewish people run the entertainment, media, and banking industries.

Ye’s talent agency, CAA, has dropped him, and the MRC studio announced Monday that it is shelving a complete documentary about the rapper.

The Balenciaga fashion house cut ties with Ye last week, according to Women’s Wear Daily. JPMorganChase and Ye have ended their business relationship, although the banking breakup was in the works even before Ye’s antisemitic comments.

The fashion magazine Vogue also confirmed it wants no more dealings with the rapper.

In recent weeks, Ye also has ended his company’s association with Gap and has told Bloomberg News that he plans to cut ties with his corporate suppliers.

Jewish groups like the Anti-Defamation league have called him out and activists have called on Apple and Spotify to break with Ye.

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