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Kathie Lee Gifford shares untold stories in new memoir

Kathie Lee Gifford shows no signs of slowing down, including releasing a memoir.

“I am in a new place at the age of 67 that I never would have dreamed I would be,” the entertainer said in an interview on CBN. “I have a No. 1 hit record. And my movie that came out just went to No. 1 in America. At this stage in my life, when I should be getting my senior discount to go see movies, I am writing them, baby. You got to laugh.”

Some of the untold stories behind that success are told in her new memoir, “It’s Never Too Late: Make Your Next Act of Life, Your Best Act of Life.” (See info below). She said it was a hard book to write for several reasons.

“It’s speaking to people’s hearts about their fears and about God’s faithfulness in every season of our lives,” she said. “I just asked the Lord to use me. Help me to remember things, Lord. Things I have never said before. Give me boldness. But at the same time, tenderness towards people. But I wasn’t going to write a how-to book, either. I am not an expert at anything. All I know is that God is faithful. Trust him again. There’s my book.”


As many blessings as there have been, there have been hard times as well. Gifford said one of the hardest stories to share and relive has to do with her parents and their early lives.

“I dedicate the book to them,” she said. “Just reliving how hard their lives were, first of all before they found each other. And second of all, before they knew the Lord. It just reminds me of how much I miss them.”

Gifford shared one of her life lessons, summed up in the phrase, “It’s never too late to leave a good thing.” She left both her talk show with Regis Philbin and the Today Show at the height of each program’s success.

“Each time, I left at the height of my success with those shows,” she said. “But every good and perfect gift comes from above, from God. So when that same father said, `I am moving you to a spacious place or I am moving you on, Kathie, to a new chapter of your life,’ I have just learned to listen to his voice. I don’t say, ‘but Lord, we’re No. 1’ if I truly hear his voice clearly, and when I am clearly seeking Him, I do.”

“And here is the thing I try to share with people in this book: God doesn’t just do this for me. I am no more special than any other child of God. Or even the people that don’t realize they are children of God. God loves them too. He wants them to know that He loves them. It’s just that I trust Him,” she added.

One of Kathie Lee’s favorite songs is one she recorded long ago called, “I Want to Matter.”

“I ended the book with this thought: Though I am fragile and foolish and flawed, I am sincere. I want someone to fondly remember here. More than being praised. More than being flattered, I need to know, without a doubt, that somehow I have mattered. And if I am really honest, I would like to write one song that someone will be singing, long after I’m gone.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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