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Kenyan man loses all after refusing Muslim demands to renounce Jesus

After converting to Christianity, Yasin Bakari, a father of two living in coastal Kenya, fears that he will be killed. He heard the Gospel in March and was moved enough to abandon his old faith. Now, the young Kenyan receives threats daily from the Muslim faithful of Mkunumbi, Mpeketoni, his hometown. While speaking with International Christian Concern (ICC), he shared about his conversion story and the events that followed thereafter.

He began, “In February, I met a pastor in Mpeketoni while looking for casual work to do. He gave me a day job at the church and during our interaction he also presented the Gospel to me [in] a way I had not heard it before. The Holy Spirit started working in my heart, but I was still hardened and did not think that leaving Islam would be the wisest thing to do.”

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The pastor confirmed that he witnessed to Yasin in secret while working in the church compound. He recalled, “I was reluctant to give Yasin the work of trimming and cleaning the church compound because his friends would think that he is working with Christians. But I knew that I would get the opportunity to talk to him about Jesus Christ. To my surprise, he did not reject or bring up arguments that Muslims usually bring up.”

Yasin continued to contact the pastor for more work every week and, near the end of March, he accepted Christ as his savior. Yasin shared, “In March, I was given some work again at the church and that’s when the pastor led me to Christ. I was fully convicted that I had no hope in Islam and I was lost in sin and that Christ is the way to God.”

After a few weeks of concealing his faith in Jesus Christ, his wife and family discovered that Yasin had become a Christian. “At first, I did not think that my wife would be unhappy with me for converting to Christianity. But I decided to hide my faith first before disclosing to her and the children. Before I could talk to her about it, she found me on phone with the pastor discussing some Scriptures. She confronted me and snatched my phone. She informed my family and the local Muslims [whom] we used to meet at the mosque.”

Yasin’s family gathered and asked him to choose between life and death, Christ and Islam. “My father called some Muslim elders to convince me to remain in Islam or face the consequences. I told them openly that I had made up my mind and I won’t change. Two days later, my wife picked her belongings together with our children and left. That same day, a group of young Muslims ambushed me at night, but I managed to escape through the window.” Thankfully, Yasin chose not to deny Christ, and God protected him that night.

Threats targeting Yasin Bakari continued to escalate until the pastor organized his relocation to a safer place. The pastor said, “Yasin came to the church to see me and told me that his house had been destroyed at night when he was away at a friend’s place for fear of being attacked. For his safety, the church elders raised some money for his fare to relocate to another place.” In addition, the pastor said, “We have also learned from Yasin that his wife has been married by another Muslim man in Lamu Island and the children are staying with their grandmother. Yasin is concerned that his children will suffer and he would want to be reunited with them, but the family is not willing to let them go.”

Though Yasin is still in hiding, he has decided to continue to place his trust in Christ. The fear and pain that he has gone through cannot match the freedom and love he receives from his Savior. Now it is time that we as the body of Christ stand together and pray for him. We must learn to suffer with our brothers and sisters around the world as they suffer. If you would like to help people like Yasin, who suffer for their faith in Christ, please consider partnering with ICC in prayer or through gifts to ICC’s Rescue Fund.

–By Nathan Johnson | Persecution.org

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