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New film ‘Why the Nativity’ take world by storm ahead of Christmas

After premiering Thanksgiving, the docudrama film Why the Nativity has been viewed by more than 12 million people on YouTube alone. And its not stopping.

Produced by Turning Point, the broadcast ministry of Dr. David Jeremiah, Why the Nativity? explores questions, facts, and history seldom seen in traditional Nativity stories—from the influence of Roman rule, to the identities of the Wise Men, to the back story of Mary and Joseph as children.

“The birth of Christ changes everything,” David Jeremiah said when asked why the film is so popular. “It changed the world…He can bring joy in a world void of joy, hope in hopeless times, and peace in an uncertain world.”

Biggest set since Titanic in San Diego

The film employed a cast and crew of 920 individuals and the ministry enlisted Hollywood, Broadway, and Disney professionals to bring this story to life. The main set was built from the ground up on private property in San Diego County. It is the largest film production to build and film in San Diego County since Titanic.

Watch it now:

The feature-length movie continues to stream on Turning Point’s website, its app, the Fox Nation app, Turning Point’s regularly scheduled television program. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day it will air on Lifetime Television giving it the potential for millions more viewers.

The docudrama has also garnered attention outside the U.S. In the U.K., 102 theaters hosted screenings of Why the Nativity? Over 800 churches and communities participated in the Saturday, December 2, showing with over 18,000 tickets given away for the free viewing. Porque La Navidad?, the Spanish version which released two weeks ago, has over 37K YouTube views. Canal Luz will also be airing Porque La Navidad? in 17 countries across Central and South America this week. In Australia Why the Nativity? will air nationwide on Christmas Day via 9GEM.

Worldwide Why the Nativity? will have 70 international airings between now and Christmas Day.

Both domestically and internationally the grassroots support for Why the Nativity? has been tremendous. Over 4,000 churches signed up to host a watch night and gain access to additional resources created by the Turning Point digital marketing team. In addition, Turning Point’s social media team created an Outreach Team campaign and had 2,452 individuals sign up to help promote Why the Nativity? in their communities.

Stream Why the Nativity? now: https://www.davidjeremiah.org/whythenativity
Watch the Why the Nativity? trailer
Watch Why the Nativity? on YouTube

–Dwight Widaman | MV


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