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Parkville is entrusted with the stories of the people they serve

The work of Parkville Women’s Clinic goes far beyond your standard medical appointment or even our material assistance of diapers, wipes, etc. Each and every day, we encounter women and men who entrust their stories to us…their problems, fears, and hopes. We are privileged to be entrusted with these stories so that we may better serve our clients with Christ-like compassion…and it is certainly not a privilege we take lightly. One of the stories we were recently invited into belonged to *Anna:

Anna came to our clinic for a pregnancy test. She was feeling very undecided as to what she might do. She lived with her grandfather and shared that her family, especially her mother and grandfather, were pressuring her to have an abortion. They were both verbally abusive to Anna, with her mother even telling her she hoped the baby would die. She came alone to her first appointment and our nurse encouraged her to not let others influence her choice and to make her own decision. Our nurse also shared her own story of abortion with Anna and how she was young too, not thinking she was ready for a baby, but that it was a very regrettable decision and traumatic experience for her.

Anna returned later for an ultrasound and brought the father of the baby who was able to meet with one of our Fatherhood Mentors. He shared that although the pregnancy was unexpected and nerve-wracking, it was time for him to ‘man up’ and that he hoped she would keep their baby. The couple were able to see the baby and a strong heartbeat. By the end of the appointment, they had confidently decided to continue the pregnancy, with plans to try and get their own place to escape Anna’s toxic family environment.

Parkville Women’s Clinic has remained in contact with Anna and her partner since their initial visits. To date, they have taken many of our education classes and are so excited for the birth of their little girl next year!

These are the stories we are privileged to be invited into. At Parkville Women’s Clinic, we have the opportunity to speak truth, encouragement, and LIFE into our clients’ stories. We are blessed to do God’s work through our center and be a source of love and hope for those that walk through our doors.

Interested in hearing more stories like Anna’s? Want to learn more about the work of Parkville Women’s Clinic or how YOU can get involved? We’d love to hear from you! Call or visit us today:

Phone: 816.746.4855   Address: 6326 N Lucerne Ave KCMO 64151

*Client name changed for confidentiality

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