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Bob Jones supposedly said a revival was coming and to look to the Chiefs for a sign.

Pigskin prophecy? Minister believes Super Bowl win by Chiefs is sign of revival

Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs have waited a half-century for their team to make it back to the Super Bowl. If the Chiefs win, some people believe, it could kick off a great revival.

A Chiefs victory means revival is coming, according to a prophecy going viral on Facebook. Before passing away in 2014, self-proclaimed prophet Bob Jones reportedly told Shawn Bolz, a minister who calls himself a prophet, that God had told him this in a vision.

“Bob Jones told me at least 10 times, `When the Chiefs win the Super Bowl, you will know that revival is about to come. God is raising up his apostolic chiefs,’” Bolz wrote in a Facebook post last weekend.

The prophecy became relevant as the Chiefs prepare to play the NFC champion San Francisco 49ers on February 2 in Miami. Bolz encouraged his followers, “This could be the time! Let’s pray!”

According to Charisma News, Jones was a “prophetic minister” for more than 40 years. As early as the age of 7 he claimed to have a vision of the archangel Gabriel appearing to him and blowing a double silver trumpet in his face. According to his biography, Jones saw Gabriel throw an old bull skin mantle at his feet as a young boy, filling him with fear and causing him to run away. Many years later, however, “he returned to pick up that old mantle which is that of a seer prophet.”

In his capacity as a prophetic minister, Jones, who is very controversial, also attempted to foretell earthquakes, tidal waves, comets and weather patterns, although not all of his predictions were accurate.

Bolz is not the only one with predictions of revival on the horizon. Lou Engle, founder of the youth conference Awaken, believes Kanye West’s conversion also is a sign of a coming revival..

“The [Awaken] gathering is a monumental movement launching a new decade of awakening America back to God at a critical time in our nation’s history,” the organization said in a news release. “[This] will be the spark to America’s third great awakening.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice