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Who’s gonna pay for the ‘free’ lunch

free lunch

The saying “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” has been attributed to many people over the years. Someone must produce and someone must pay for what we consume. There has ...

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Nearly 1/3 of investors 65+ sold stocks at the market bottom


Typically when you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. It’s best to have a plan before trouble comes, rather than make emotional decisions on the fly during times of duress ...

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The trouble with trillions


Recently, President Trump signed ‘phase 3.5’ of emergency interim coronavirus relief, which comes with nearly a half trillion dollar cost. All told the current running total is in the trillions, exceeding $4 ...

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Ways to avoid the new tax increase on retirement accounts

retirement accounts

Last month we discussed the SECURE Act and its projected $15.7 billion tax increase on beneficiaries of tax deferred retirement accounts (like 401(k)s, 403(bs), TSPs, IRAs, etc.). The only ones excluded from ...

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The 401(k) / IRA IQ Quiz: How safe is your retirement?


While we all love the season of giving, there is one place that many are likely giving far more than they should: the Internal Revenue Service. As we’ve pointed out in our ...

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The ‘7% guaranteed’ annuity myth

One of the most common things I see when someone comes into our office for the first time if they own or have been pitched an annuity is the belief that the ...

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Beneficiary mistakes can cost a fortune

Beneficiary designations are important in determining where certain assets of an estate will end up. Many think that a will or trust is what determines where everything goes. This is not necessarily ...

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