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Taylor Swift at Sunday's Chiefs Patriots game. Photo: Video.

Taylor Swift attends Gaza fundraiser but silent on Hamas rapes

The 2023 Time magazine “Person of the Year,” Taylor Swift, attended a comedy event earlier this month that benefited an anti-Israel nonprofit.

Proceeds from a Dec. 8 performance by stand-up comedian Ramy Youssef went to American Near East Refugee Aid, which NGO Monitor calls “biased” and “anti-Israeli.”

“Its publications erase the context of terrorism and promote the Palestinian narrative while falsely claiming to work with ‘all people living in impoverished communities,’” according to the watchdog group. “Such activity is inconsistent with ANERA’s proclaimed objectives.”

Swift attended the benefit with fellow pop music star Selena Gomez. Model and actress Cara Delevingne, actress Anya Taylor-Joy, and actress and singer Zoë Kravitz were also present.

Journalist Megyn Kelly said on her podcast that fans should boycott Swift, “who has been out there tweeting about her support for the LGBTQ community. You know what they do to that community in Gaza, Taylor—that you want to now support? They’ll throw them off the top of a building. That’s what you’re contributing to.”

Kelly noted that Swift has “talked about her support for women” and “her opposition to certain Republican lawmakers, who don’t support women in the way Taylor sees fit.”

“You know what Hamas does to women? You think we have equal rights over there, Taylor? That’s what you’re supporting at your little fundraiser for Gaza,” Kelly said. “They’re taking the money that international forces are designating to help the suffering people of Gaza and Hamas is using it to create more weapons.”

“Has this benevolent woman said one word about the mass murders that happened on Oct. 7 of Jews? Has she said anything about rape and sexual violence being used against the Israeli women as a tool of war, which in any world is a war crime,” Kelly added. “Which maybe Taylor would know if she spent 30 seconds Googling before she decided which cause to support.”

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