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Walmart giving funds drag shows for kids and other progressive agendas

As you complete your Christmas shopping part of what you’re paying Walmart is funding radical what many consider radical agendas of the left aimed at children.

The Walton family and their Walmart Foundation have given millions of dollars for LGBTQ-related causes and events in their home state of Arkansas. Walton’s daughter Alice Walton and grandson Tom Walton, along with Tom’s wife Olivia, have spearheaded these initiatives.

Last year, the Alice Walton Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation established the Arkansas LGBTQ+ Advancement Fund, a statewide $1 million fund designed to distribute grants of $25,000 and above for Arkansas-based organizations that provide services to the LGBTQ community. But conservative critics point out that these organizations funded by the Walton and Walmart Foundations have also sponsored local drag shows and drag story hours for kids.

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In a new analysis by The Heritage Foundation, Research Associate Gillian Richards wrote that both the Walton Family Foundation and the Walmart Foundation are leading sponsors of Northwest Arkansas Equality, an LGBTQ nonprofit based in Fayetteville. The group’s stated mission is “to provide programs, education and advocacy to serve, connect, and empower the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community.”

According to The Heritage Foundation’s article, both foundations first offered NWA Equality a “capacity building” grant in 2007 and have continued support, offering grants and capital gifts to NWA Equality as late as 2020. NWA Equality promotes LGBTQ events in Benton and Washington counties. According to the group’s website, it “brought local drag shows out of nightclubs, making drag accessible to a new audience with Arkansas’ first Drag Bingo.” In addition, the group’s Dickson Divas expanded to include “drag brunches, children’s story times and charitable activities.” In addition, the group produces the Northwest Arkansas Pride parade, the state’s largest LGBTQ event held in June in Fayetteville.

The Equality Crew, another group that was a recipient of the Walton’s Arkansas LGBTQ+ Advancement Fund, held a children’s event at the NWA Equality’s pride parade last June. The event called “Youth Zone” advertised a “Kids Zone with arts and crafts and drag story time for younger children.” It also featured a Teen Zone for young people in sixth through the 12th grades with “a DJ, local band, and TWO drag shows.” A “Sensory Zone” was also offered for “youth needing a break from the sights and sounds.” In her analysis, Richards noted this was “clearly targeting children on the autism spectrum.”

“Gender confusion is particularly common among young people on the autism spectrum who have difficulty grasping social roles, making them particularly vulnerable to the suggestion that they should change their gender,” Richards wrote.

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