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At CPAC, Missouri Senator warns of government overreach

Sen. Eric Schmitt is warning that the United States is at a crossroads and that government overreach and media control represent the biggest threats to Americans’ freedoms. The Missouri Republican made the comments at the Conservative Political Action Committee’s (CPAC) 2023 conference in Washington on Thursday night.

Schmitt blasted Biden administration spending, which he said has crushed Americans. He also said retirement funds are being held captive by investment companies that use ESG (environmental, social, and governance).

But his biggest warning was the threat to Americans’ freedoms lies in the administrative state, which he called a threat to livelihood. Schmitt argued that unelected officials have unparalleled control over people’s lives, with few options to rebut their policies.

The senator claimed that those on the left want to go so far as to “regulate a dry creek bed or drainage because of climate change, and they want to control the information people receive through the media to control them.”

Schmitt is one of over a dozen AGs across the nation who are rebuffing the administration through lawsuits.  One of those is Missouri v. Biden, a lawsuit that contends the Biden administration and other agencies are colluding with social media giants to censor people on social media.

According to Schmitt, during the course of that case, they found direct, blatant, and brazen cooperation between the government and social media.

He said that government agencies had special portals to report posts they disagreed with, and prominent figures like Tucker Carlson and former President Donald Trump were in their crosshairs.

Schmitt also criticized Dr. Anthony Fauci. The lawmaker pointed out documents that now prove that when Fauci was privately messaged about covid mitigation, he admitted masks were ineffective, even though he pushed for requirements that people wear them on planes and that kids had to wear masks in schools.

Schmitt warned, “When Fauci speaks, Big Tech censored, and this can never happen again, and not on my watch.”

The Senate Republican said that if anyone can censor the flow of information, they can control people, which is the left’s goal in working with tech companies.

Schmitt, who claims to be the first AG in the country to stand up against OSHA’s vaccine mandate, which he won at the Supreme Court, was one of the leaders to push back against “COVID tyranny.”

He also promised to be “one of the leading senators in the country to fundamentally dismantle the administrative state. We’re going to pry power and control away from elected bureaucrats and return it to We The People.”

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