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Hispanic leaders sound alarm about nation’s spiritual decline

The United States is on the road to disaster, according to the CEO of Goya Foods, a leading supplier to the Hispanic market.

“As a CEO, businessman, what’s happened in the last two years is a complete disaster,” Bob Unanue says. “We’ve unraveled all the gains that were made. But I’m more here today as a Latino than as a business person. And when things get bad, we need an intervention. We need an intervention bad, or otherwise, we’re going to lose this country, our morality.”

Unanue joins a growing list of Latino evangelicals, such as the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez and evangelist Mario Murillo, who believe God is going to use the community to bring about revival in a country that desperately needs it. There is a growing clash among Hispanic communities of faith and the agenda being pushed by the Biden administration in regard to gender ideology and failed economic policies.

“Family is generally a priority among Hispanics,” said Dennis Rivera, director of the Office of Hispanic and Ethnic Relations for the Assemblies of God. “Relationships are far more important than schedules, which can then conflict somewhat with church activities as those activities need to be on some kind of a schedule.”

Meanwhile, California Democrats are seeking to push a bill that would allow the state to remove children from their homes if the parents do not “affirm” their gender, cowritten by California Sen. Scott Weiner, the same politician who attends heretical “hunky Jesus” performances and introduced SB 107 that made California a “refuge” for child sex changes.

“We are in a spiritual war,” Unanue said. “But this intervention is going to take place with the Holy Spirit. Latinos, which will be the biggest group in this country by 2050 or by next week with this open border, hold the values of God, family, life, work. We are attacked.”

Unanue previously stated that “Darkness is the absence of light and evil is the absence of God. With the miraculous gift of these rosaries from these beacons of light with prayer, love, and hope, we will pierce the darkness and inspire the leaders of our world to reject evil and move closer to God,.”

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice

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