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New movie “Between Mercy and Me” helps Christians address racial issues

A new movie being released shortly after the upcoming Juneteenth celebration will help Christians have honest conversations about sensitive racial issues.

Between Mercy and Me” features an original musical score and standout musical performances, and delivers a powerful cinematic experience that will resonate with audiences of all backgrounds. The movie already has garnered awards from several notable film festivals, including “Best Musical Soundtrack” at the International Christian Film and Music Festival (2022); “Best Screenplay” at the New York Movie Awards (2021); and an “Honorable Mention” at the Florence Film Awards (2022).

The story centers on Hugo, a talented musician and worship leader. As his community begins to shudder under the impact of gentrification and tragedy, Hugo sinks into the emotional circumstances of the world around him. His pastor challenges him to produce new music, something a bit more inspirational, in hopes of uplifting the congregation.


Facing writer’s block, he opts to visit the new and improved neighborhood coffeeshop, where he encounters Merc, a jubilant and extroverted fellow musician who offers to join him in his song writing efforts. As their relationship grows, they are surprised by the reactions from their communities, friends and their own families. Hugo and Mercy, determined to not let hard conversations or tension keep them from being together, set out to create space for honest conversations and work toward unification in their community, challenging biases seen and unseen, often unspoken.

One evening, their relationship is rocked by a routine traffic stop causing them to come face to face their own internal narratives and beliefs. Will they choose to be vulnerable with one another or move apart with hard hearts, affirming the very biases that they worked so hard to obliterate?

“Between Mercy and Me” was cowritten and directed by Craig Lamar Brown and produced by Chase Crawford (Four by Three Productions), and Ashlee Mello (Day Twosday Productions). The film features original music by Andrea Summer, who cowrote the script with Brown and stars as “Mercy,” with David Driskill as “Hugo.” It also features appearances by popular radio host and minister Dr. Michael Brown, James Troup and Kyndra Jefferie.

“Between Mercy and Me” will be available in theaters nationwide on June 20, for one night only, through Fathom Events at 7 p.m. local time. Tickets are available at www.fathomevents.com.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice

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