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Obama loses spot as “most admired man” to President Donald Trump

Barack Obama has been dethroned as America’s most admired man and many are saying it’s another clue into a 2020 election result that doesn’t align with polling.

The Gallup polling organization asked Americans who they most admired and this year it is President Donald Trump.

Of the over 1,000 people surveyed, 18 percent gave the nod to the current Commander-in-Chief. Joe Biden came in at just 6 percent.

Barack Obama came in at just 15 percent after tying with Trump last year. Only 3 percent opted for Dr. Anthony Fauci, who many think has fumbled the handling of the coronavirus including his recent admission he purposely lied about herd immunity.

Among Republican respondents, 48 percent opted for Trump. Obama was the top choice for Democrats at 32 percent. Just more than one in ten, 13 percent, of Democrats opted for Biden. Trump and Obama tied for top spot among men in 2019, in Gallup’s polling last year. Trump has finished in the top ten on ten occasions, compared to Obama’s 15.

Trump’s standing in the most admired rankings comes as Congress is set to vote to certify an Electoral College defeat. Courts have repeatedly said they don’t have “standing” to hear the case meaning that no court wants to tackle alleged voter fraud that the Trump campaign has presented evidence for.

The Gallup finding is yet another example of what many contend is a strange situation where Biden received over 10 million more votes than Obama, yet ranks at the bottom of “most admired” status.

Biden lost a record number of counties, including counties previously won by Obama and Clinton, yet just four counties determined the outcome of the nation’s election. Those counties, in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, all stopped vote counts in the middle of the night, only to resume with Biden suddenly ahead by millions of votes, according to data experts and the Trump campaign.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice