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UK ditches plans for vaccine passports after outcry

The UK has canceled plans to mandate vaccine passports for pubs and public events across the country. The announcement was made by UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid on Sunday.

It comes after British lawmakers across the political spectrum voiced strong opposition to the plans this week and the government prepares to repeal some Covid response powers from the government.

Speaking on the BBC’s “The Andrew Marr Show” on Sunday, the health secretary said he “never liked the idea” of forcing people to show their papers in everyday activities. Many had compared the plans to Easter Europe under Communism when citizens were stopped on the streets and forced to show their identity papers.

The plans were opposed by a majority of the public.

“I’m pleased to say that we will not be going ahead with plans for vaccine passports,” Javid said, though warning it could come in the future.

The health secretary added that the government shouldn’t be doing things for the sake of it or because others are doing them.

“So many countries, at the time they implemented it, was to try and boost their vaccination rates and you can understand why they might have done that,” he said.

Also on Sunday, the UK government said Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to repeal some powers from the Coronavirus Act, so that the government will no longer have the powers to shut down the economy, apply restrictions to events and gatherings, disrupt education, extend time limits for urgent warrants, or detain infectious people.

As of Sept. 9, nearly 90 percent of the UK population aged over 16 have received the first dose of a CCP virus vaccine, and over 80 percent have received both doses, the government said.

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