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The Kendrick Brothers

Kendrick brothers to release another faith film in August

The makers of “Fireproof,” “Courageous” and other popular faith films announced that they have another release coming in August.

The new movie is a partnership between brothers Alex and Stephen Kendrick and AFFIRM Films, a Sony Pictures Entertainment company. Although the title and plot details are being kept under wraps, the film will be defined by “humor and heart to inspire audiences everywhere,” stated.

“When we got the call the Kendrick Brothers were ready to share their next story idea, we knew it would be a powerful one, and they delivered,” said Rich Peluso, executive vice president of AFFIRM Films. “We’re honored to partner with them again on another film that will entertain, challenge and lift up families in a time when so many people need encouragement and renewed hope.”

The brothers are known for creating films that speak to society’s most-pressing issues, though not without criticism for often weak plots and acting.  The duo launched their filmmaking journey by founding Sherwood Pictures, an independent production company that served as a ministry for a local church in Albany, Ga Their 2015 hit, “War Room,” which was filmed on a $3 million budget, was released by Sony in just over 1,500 theaters. It earned $27.9 million in just two weekends and eventually grossed $74 million worldwide. Their most recent film, “Lifemark,” which stars Kirk Cameron, addresses abortion and adoption.

Unlike traditional films that compete in the marketplace, many of the Kendrick films partner with mega-churches across the country to sell tens of thousands of tickets. The unique relationship guarantees box-office numbers on opening weekend but the films often remain “church” films rarely seen by the general public.

But the tactic means messages can be shared specifically with the church-going public and that’s what they seek to do. It’s worked well with pro-life theme or marriage themes.

“Sometimes the truth is hard to process, but we’ve got to go there,” Stephen Kendrick said. “And so we are now in a position to say that when scripture says to stand for the innocent and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves, that God knows us in the womb, and he knows us before we’re born, he knows everything about us and He values us, for us to stand for the unborn.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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