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Is an artificial intelligence Antichrist possible?

artificial intelligence

There was a time when most of humanity could envision some occupations that would be replaced by machines, technology or artificial intelligence. Working as a fashion model probably wasn’t one of them. ...

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New book explores unique spiritual history of Kansas City

spiritual history

Have you ever wondered about the spiritual destiny of cities? Kansas City has a unique spiritual history. A new book, The Spiritual Roots of Kansas City: Discovering the Past to Shape Our Future, ...

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What contributes to 60% of divorces?


Every generation has faced sexual temptation and engaged in sexual sin, says author and national radio host Dr. Michael Brown. And that fact is causing divorces. But what is new is the ...

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Reader anticipation for ‘The Oracle’ by Jonathan Cahn


Millions of Christian are familiar with Jonathan Cahn and his New York Times best-sellers of the past decade. First were the smash hits and New York Times best-sellers. They include “The Harbinger,” ...

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Tim Tebow’s mom to publish first book ‘Ripple Effects’

publish tebow life

Tyndale House Publishers says that debut author Pam Tebow will publish Ripple Effects in May 2019. In her first book, Tebow uncovers and explores the motivating power of influence that each of us has ...

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That is My Dream! by Langston Hughes, to represent Kansas

Each year as part of the Great Reads program at the Library of Congress National Book Festival, every state offers a book that highlights its literary culture and history. At this year’s ...

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Little House on the Prairie controversy has Missouri connection


When you think of Little House on the Prairie, you normally wouldn’t think of Missouri or racism. Now the legendary author who wrote those books has had her name stripped from a ...

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These top pick books can’t be beat for summer reading


Summer has begun and so has the rush to find the perfect books to read. Rachel Campbell is the owner of Beacon Book and Bible in Belton, Mo. She’s compiled a list ...

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Book on archaeological discovery brings Bible to life


JERUSALEM, Israel – Israel is home to some of the world’s greatest archaeological treasures and scientists often link their direct finds to the Bible. Now you can make those same connections in ...

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‘Mother of the Bride’ author shares timely wisdom for weddings

wedding bride

Spring brings thoughts of sunshine, flowers, warm days…and weddings! June is the month that sees the most weddings in the United States, with May as third on the list. For the bride, ...

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Franklin Graham responds to GQ dissing Bible

bible sales

Franklin Graham is getting kudos for his take-down response to the magazine GQ. The liberal men’s lifestyle and fitness publication last week included the Bible on a list of “21 Books You ...

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The boy who did not go to heaven sues book publisher


He didn’t go to heaven but he may be going to the bank. Alex Malarkey, the boy made famous by his claim in a bestselling book that he went to heaven, is ...

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The past shaping the future…even in love

Books with a romance plot in the hearts of them are consistent favorites among readers. Heart of America Christian Writers Network (HACWN) member Catherine Brakefield has had some short, personal-experience stories printed, ...

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Intentional Parenting: An interview with the author of “936 Pennies”

Eryn Lynum, who is ready to welcome her fourth child into the world, knows that our time of influencing our kids is short. But God has given her a vision on how ...

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How to Shop for the Right Bible


Either for yourself or a gift, buying a bible is an important decision. The prospect of purchasing a Bible for oneself or as a gift, usually does not cause any anxiety in ...

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Your favorite Christmas movie may have started as a book

Book factoids and new releases in time for Christmas. Tis the Season to Read… Did you realize that some of the classic Christmas movies started as books? Here are some movies you ...

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‘A Lawyer’s Case for His Faith’ is an easy, and important read


An ardent atheist became a defender of the Christian faith. Kansas City-area attorney and author, Jim Jacob, has written about it in his new book, A Lawyer’s Case for His Faith. Self-published ...

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Jet Pilot’s “Self-Published” New Book ‘Prayer at Full Throttle’ Goes GLOBAL, Proves American Dream Alive and Well

Prayer at Full Throttle

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn., Jan. 6, 2015 |Christian News Service| – Robert Bakke declares, “Living with less is NOT the new normal!” Bakke is a black belt, a jet captain, a NASCAR driver, author of Amazon’s ...

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Reformation Heritage Books Introduces the Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible

Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible

Grand Rapids, Mich., October 28, 2014 |Christian News Service| — Reformation Heritage Books (www.kjvstudybible.org) has announced it will release The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible this November. Created by a team of ...

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Writers Conference Will Inspire and Sharpen Skills

Annual Conference is Nov. 6-8 in Kansas City by Zeta Davidson   The Heart of America Christian Writers network and writers conference may be just the organization for which you have been ...

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Easy Ways to Share the Gospel

11 Unexpected Ways Share the Gospel, Without Killing Your Relationships! By Dwight Widaman | A new book serves as a “how-to” to share the Gospel. Those who follow Jesus have a God-given command ...

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The Last Days Calendar: Understanding God’s Appointed Times

Last Days Calendar

Clearwater, Fla., Aug. 13, 2014 | Christian News Service |Even though the U.S. Department of State reports that Christians in more than 60 other countries face persecution from their own governments or ...

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How to Survive Imminent Earthquakes of Biblical Proportions

Mary's Way to Jesus Worldwide Apostolate

Francis Slinsky, founder and executive director of Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate, today announced the release of his book, Everything You Need to Know to Survive the Worldwide Chastisement With Earthquakes All Around ...

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In “My Trip to God,” South Carolina Businessman Writes of His Escape from Hedonism

My Trip to God

Charlotte, NC, March 24, 2014 |Christian News Service| — In what is being heralded as one of the most dramatic turn-around stories ever written, James D. Trent, in a book titled My ...

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Christian Music Challenge for Lent

Carlsbad, CALIF |Christian News Service| — Often people will celebrate Lent by giving up chocolate, coffee, alcohol, or some other luxury. Christian music expert Al Menconi has a suggestion of his own ...

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